Well when there is a push to bring jobs back, the regulated utility company is still trying to shove more jobs out of the US and it all comes down again to money but what’s kind of really stupid here is this is big part of the “brains” of the company and I guess you Algo Duped and digital illiterates running these companies too.  Why do you want to send the “brain element” overseas?  Makes no sense other than just another company running around with analytics that says “here’s more savings” as don’t even realize they are looking at the “brains” of the company.  Bean counters not looking at long range impact here, nor going with the flow of bringing jobs back to the US. 

This is the largest energy delivery system in New England and amazing they sit right there in Massachusetts with tons of brilliant peopleimage and this is the best they can do?  With all the security risks and utility companies have been attacked as well, so let’s send all of our good expertise to India?  Sure there’s nothing wrong with collaborating worldwide and sharing ideas and gaining knowledge, but this company is just flat out dumb and not taking advantage of the talent they have locally.  Bank of America if you read this post you can see it has an entirely different perspective and is investing in their IT groups. 

As people in charge of budgets that haven no clue on how IT operates today but just see a column on spreadsheet to creates savings keep hacking like this, faith in the US and our citizens and the plight to restore jobs has an uphill battle with digitally illiterate bean counters that only have one focus.  Sounds like little bean counters at work that have no clue, sad but there’s a lot of those little dangerous folks running around with only one focus and as Bill Gates said to Berkeley student be a hybrid as those folks will be the ones in demand for knowledge as they don’t limit themselves to knowledge in only one area. Even cable and phone utilities are not that dumb to outsource the IT in a fashion like this, they keep their brains here.  BD 

Bill Gates–TED-Talks About States Budgets (Where Are You Getting Those Algorithms) and Educational Needs (Update)(Video)

Computerworld - Northeast Utilities has told its IT employees that it is considering outsourcing tech work to India-based services providers -- a plan that puts as many as 400 IT jobs at risk.

That's a scary prospect for anyone to face, but the company, which is based in Connecticut and Massachusetts and operates New England's largest energy delivery system, is also saying that a final decision has not been made. Where does that leave the utility's IT employees and IT department?

With this move, NU may be prompting its best IT employees to head for the exits, so there's a real possibility that key positions will become vacant. A morale-crushing announcement like that must make it difficult to lead an IT organization.

As IT workers leave in advance of the outsourcing threat, it may reduce the number of severance packages that NU has to offer people, saving the company some money.

But if employee departures lead to destabilization, then the need to embrace outsourcing "becomes self-fulfilling," said Santacroce. With the IT department falling apart, she explained, NU might say, "We really need to do something to secure the business" and bring in the outsourcers.



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