I wrote that post to a degree with a little satire, but what do you know..folks that see how data mechanics work and are hybrid enough to understand humanity as the same time can see this stuff coming.  Everyone keeps telling me I’m ahead of my time and I’m not meaning to brag at all but I get that from readers all the time, so I guess this time I’ll take the feather.  Medical Quack where humanity and data meet and collide!   Here’s the original post.

Data Addiction and Abuse –The Up and Coming Next 12 Step Program Is On the Horizon–Side Effects Include Lack Of Data Quality, Integrity And Spasmodic Algorithms

I don’t have any hidden expertise to brag about either, it’s just the way I’m wired as I am a hybrid as before I learned how to code I spent 25 years in outside sale, the people business so I mesh the two together and that’s what you see here, common sense and lot of logic in how I blog.  Ok so now what are the insurers going to do with this, will they cover it?  The reason I ask is that so many want to gamify you to scrape your data, in other words keep playing while we scrape you data…here’s a couple posts to that effect..and hey are they contributing to this process (grin). 

For me anyway, the certainly insult my intelligence with these methodologies for sure.  We have a conflict of interest here and I wouldn’t expect to see a CPT code for this for a while (grin).   Time for a new model to scrape your data I guess. 

Aetna To Offer Online Game Social Game For Personal Wellness- Joins Humana As They Have An Online Game Called FamScape
Health Insurer Humana Introduces a New Game Called FamScape–Making It Fun to Get And Maybe Mine Your Data?

Here’s another old post where I asked the question as well if you have sucked in to play games…

Have You Been Suckered In by FaceBook to Play Games To Support Employer and Insurance Company Reform Initiatives?

The reason these games insult me is that my healthcare is not a game and I’m up there for education and spreading good word and technology but I do call foul on the games that are there to scrape data.  The data selling epidemic is so bad and so profitable it is an epidemic and that’s why you see these games..there’s even a game to exploit the games…great video at the link below..

Data Selling Game Now Exploits the Non Regulated Billion Dollar Epidemic–”Data Dealer” The Attack of the Killer Algorithms Gamified

Sure there are other games that are played against each other online too that don’t scrape data and that are just as addictive and the video again shows how corporate US uses it to get your data to copy some of this.  If you want to know more about Algo Duping and the Attack of the Killer Algorithms check the collection here and get educated.  This collection is a group of very smart folks, smarter than me that have taken the time to tell how it is, like I try to do.

To be fair we all have a bit of addiction to the web, self included but when does it become obsessive to where other things don’t get done.  Believe me with the time I spend on the web I’m doing a self check all the time to make sure I don’t wing out too:)  After all I can’t be the kettle calling the pot black either.

New term “digital detox”..no internet for 72 hours and believe this is a good idea here and there.  I recently had that experience when I was moving and no internet for a few days, felt great and then I had a better outlook when I came back as it reminded me not to forget the human world.  I try not too but we all become absorbed at times.  Marketers play on it to make money.  In addition though to the addiction process we also have another issue out there and that is the fear of math and it does make a difference on how your perception runs and those on Wall Street over came this fear a long time ago, why they have all the money.

I just wrote a post kind of blasting HHS on their new contest about an app for mental health and addictions, well this article substantiates that easily enough on where the focus need to be, there’s not an app to cure everything!  HHS has some folks as duped as anywhere else out there.  You can’t be the “over quantified” self by all means and maintain your sanity:)  As people address and fight their addictions, mobile apps become dead as “enough is enough” too much glut out there! 

ONC Has Another New Contest–Toss Another App Out to the Consumers, But Hey Around 69% of all Mobile Apps Have Just Been Reported “Dead”…

Let’s see how many other hospitals entertain this idea too as I think it’s a good idea and again it brings an awareness around on the duping side of things we have out there today.  A few years ago I kind of hinted around at this will PHRs too..like what are folks going to do, work on their personal health records or play World of Warcraft…from back in 2010…see I was tracking it then with logic and common sense…everyone has both so just us them and become a skeptic when things don’t seem right.  BD

What’s On the Agenda Tonight–World of Warcraft or Work on My Personal Health Record

Roberts, now 44 years old, would sit eight to 12 hours a day in front of the pale blue glow of his computer, playing a videogame. During holidays, he "binged," spending nearly all his waking hours at his keyboard. Finally, a friend who had been through Alcoholics Anonymous told him he displayed all the same characteristics of an addict.

"Like most addicts, I went through a series of self-deception," said Roberts, who documented his struggle with addiction in his book, "Cyber Junkie: Escape the Gaming and Internet Trap." 

The story of Roberts, who came to grips with his addiction through years of therapy and spiritual retreats, is not unique. Treatment facilities have sprung up in recent years, but a psychiatric hospital in central Pennsylvania is now set to become the country's first facility of its kind to offer an inpatient treatment program for people it diagnoses with severe Internet addiction.

The voluntary, 10-day program is set to open on Sept. 9 at the Behavioral Health Services at Bradford Regional Medical Center. The program was organized by experts in the field and cognitive specialists with backgrounds in treating more familiar addictions like drug and alcohol abuse.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/09/01/pennsylvania-hospital-to-open-country-first-inpatient-treatment-program-for/#ixzz2df9MhZEn


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