The bracelet uses Bluetooth and connects to your phone and you wear it around your wrist.  Wrists, necks, ankles, what’s next (grin) to be having some kind of visible device hanging on your body. image

The video is very good and it even shows where transactions in the financial areas can be given solid ID protection.  Ok I’m going to mention this and probably everyone else will think of it too, what happens if you have heart issues…will it still work or what if you have a heart attack, do you get disconnected?  You can always have the passwords as a back up and I have not seen anything yet that replaces them fully as they still need to be around as a back up, interesting product. 

“The benefit of the Nymi's new and exciting ECG authentication is that it is highly secure without compromising convenience. The Nymi has a 3-Factor system ensures that you and only you have access to your Nymi, and control of your identity. To access the Nymi you must first have possession of the wristband. Second, you must possess your unique heart rhythm, and finally, you must have access to the secure application on a registered smartphone. Once you've authenticated, you will remain authenticated so long as the wristband is not removed.”

For their privacy policty they direct you to the website “Privacy by Design” which I looked at and will have dig a little deeper there as well.  You can see one of my favorite browsers on there as a supporter, Duck-DuckGo, which does not track your data. 

Here’s a little information on Privacy by Design and video that states their purpose. Just think if Edward Snowden would had one of these (grin)..just kidding.   BD 

The sleek silicone bracelet you see above isn’t yet another fitness tracker. It’s a new “wearable authentication device” called Nymi, and its creators think it can replace your passwords and keys — or at least make them a whole lot more secure.

Clasp the Nymi around your wrist, press your fingertip to the sensor on the top, and it springs to life. Built-in LEDs and a vibration motor let you know it’s active, and you can also program them to deliver notifications from your smartphone (Nymi supports Bluetooth 4.0).


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