We have all read the articles about growing organs and it is iPS cells that do the work.  IPS stem cells are the ones that can be reprogrammed from being skin cells to growing a heart and they become heart stem cells.  This all happened back in 2010 and now with this discovery the time it takes to grow an organ can be shortened.  The researchers are from the Institute in Israel. 

Regenerative Medicine–Reprogramming Stem Cells Grow Heart Muscle Tissue Bypassing IPS Cell Creation–New Standard Set for Stem Cell Research

These cells are now called iPSC Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.  It’s still in the baby stage and needs more research and work.  BD

New Israeli research could help facilitate the production of stem cells for medical use, as well as advancing our understanding of the mysterious process by which adult cells can revert back into their original, embryonic state. Weizmann Institute’s Dr. Yaqub Hanna and his team have revealed the “brake” that holds back the production of stem cells, and found that releasing this brake can both synchronize the process and increase its efficiency from around one percent or less today to 100%.

It is well known that embryonic stem cells have the enormous potential to treat and cure many medical problems among them repair damaged tissue, treat autoimmune disease and even grow transplant organs. That is why the discovery that induced embryonic-like stem cells can be created from skin cells (iPS cells) was rewarded with a Nobel Prize in 2012. But the process has remained frustratingly slow and inefficient, and the resulting stem cells are not yet ready for medical use.



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