You can say one thing, insurers are sticking together here to help make money for each other with subsidiaries.  I keep telling a lot of the data gatheringimage actions take place with subsidiaries so they can turn it around and sell either the data or the data profiles to make money, selling data.  Not to be left out Cigna has their affiliation with SocialWelth  to create a market place for apps as well.  Here’s the “about” section showing the investors. 

Data Sellers are going to eat the app business. I just read a report about the mobile app business in healthcare and it says participating is minimal and yet we have one platform after another appearing to keep pushing these mobile apps, way too many and again why the big push from all, it’s all about selling data.  Here’s a screenshot, same old stuff over and over you read at all of these sites with the app tools. 











Again why so much of this, there’s money in mining and selling data. Premera Blue Cross benefits as an investor here when Cigna members sign up and start using the apps on the platform.  If you look at the other PE investor here, it’s a portfolio for the most part full of apps and software, over inflated algorithms for the most part and some of those look like they sell data. 

These folks don’t even bother to put one of those confusing privacy pages either, guess they don’t need one like everyone else and are just going after that data for sale once it is harvested.  There’s even a game now that exploits the data selling epidemic that is occurring out there with all the competition.

Data Selling Game Now Exploits the Non Regulated Billion Dollar Epidemic–”Data Dealer” The Attack of the Killer Algorithms Gamified

You may find some of this stuff in the “portals” now with 3rd party offerings, well that’s why to mine data and make money.  Like I said with all the clutter with portals it’s making it more difficult to capture the patient interactions to meet Meaningful Use participation with patients and I’m not the only site on the web by all means working to bring this awareness around with data selling.  Use your head, why do we have such a glut of app platforms and devices that keep multiplying as if they can’t get the data with one they will get your data with another one, and broker to each other.   BD

Meaningful Use And Patient Portals–Advertising and Data Selling With 3rd Party Apps Software Impact Consumer Engagement and Furthermore Makes It More Confusing to the Patient-Non Data Selling Portal Services are Winning..

BLOOMFIELD, Conn. & SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--How do you choose a health, wellness and fitness solution that’s right for you out of a universe of more than 40,000 mobile health apps?

Global health service company Cigna (NYSE:CI) and digital health social engagement company SocialWellth™ are co-creating a selective and curated Go You Cigna Marketplace™ that cuts through the clutter of mobile health apps. Cigna customers looking to improve their health and well-being will have easy access to balanced living apps that are certified as being effective and most engaging.

The Cigna/SocialWellth initiative is being announced Tuesday, October 1, at the Seventh Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference. This announcement coincides with Cigna’s efforts to initiate the first version of the marketplace with a select group of clients and customers.

Go You Cigna Marketplace health apps are certified to helpimage ensure consumers find effective, high quality apps with the appropriate clinical content. SocialWellth’s certification process leverages behavioral psychologists, information architects and other internal and external subject matter experts. Using quick-polls, the marketplace initiates a digital dialog with consumers to gain insights that will ultimately drive a hyper-personalized experience.


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