By now you have probably heard about the dangerous dogsimage roaming the streets of Detroit and now it’s hogs in Atlanta.  Here’s a video of one and look at the balls on that thing, would hate to run in to him in dark ally when mating season calls and the males all go “hog” wild.  They can bite and become aggressive and children are not feeling real safe at bus stops today.  I grew up in Arizona and outside the city we had the mini pigs that roamed around but they stayed mostly away from civilization.  It could be worse though as in Germany they have radio active hogs roaming the streets.  BD

Radioactive Boars Roam Through Germany-Long Time Effects of Chernobyl


— Police have enlisted the help of a trapper to round up a group of feral hogs scaring residents of a subdivision in suburban Atlanta.

Some parents fear sending their children to a school bus stop in the Lithonia area, where up to four of the hogs are roaming the streets and eating trash in front yards.

Authorities hope the hogs can be trapped in cages by Wednesday morning, DeKalb County police spokeswoman Mekka Parish said.

“They’re causing quite a stir to say the least,” Parish said shortly before noon Tuesday, as she headed out to the neighborhood, about 17 miles east of downtown Atlanta

Feral hogs live in just about every county in Georgia, and there have been hogs in the general area of the DeKalb County subdivision for quite a few years, Killmaster said.


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