This looks good and I have seen this concept before a few years ago where patients put there “surgical” procedures out for bid and that didn’t work but imageit was also an entirely different need to be filled.  With drug shortages this could open doors for hospitals as an example look for for drugs and perhaps even those where shortages exist. 

Who knows they might find one and also this could work from hospital to hospital if they had dual listings and were both verified.  Take the propofol drug shortage we had for example, hospitals where communicating and sharing what they had so this looks to be a potential platform for that type of activity. 

Again for this to work and keep the riff raff out, there certainly has to be security in here as the fake drug companies would try to get in here and I would guess that’s been handled with some form of identification as well.  For a start up imagecompany, nice and one of the few that’s not pouncing on consumers to enter all their information into an app to secure data for sale. 

The site and what they do is pretty much a straight shot and not much to have to learn here and again with drug shortages and having this avenue to communicate it could come in handy.  Also it will be interesting to see how many drug distributors get on board and see what they do with it as well.  It could mean some additional sales there as well outside of the mainstream, like finding someone needing drugs that are not mainstream circulated for rare diseases could be one.  BD


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