I just got my new phone less than a week ago and I do have to say this the best cellphone I have ever owned.  I’m with Verizon and the upgrade from my old Windows Phone didn’t cost a cent for the phone. image So where can you not get a deal like this one.  I was going to do a blog post this week and talk a little bit about it but its seems a few words right now would be appropriate in post.

A full press conference is to be held Tuesday September 3rd EEST so if you are here in the US you will have to get up real early, especially California, or just stay up. 

“Nokia will host a press conference today, Tuesday, Sept. 3, at 11 a.m. EEST in Dipoli, Espoo (Otakaari 24). Registration will start at 10 a.m., and the doors will open at 10.40 a.m. Due to space constraints, only media who show valid press credentials at the registration will be admitted. Media are encouraged to watch a live webcast of the press conference at: http://press.nokia.com/

This continues to affirm the Microsoft commitment to the hardware business for sure.  The Windows Phone has been a bit of a sleeper but I have stayed with them as I like security and it’s the best out there in that department.  32,000 employees from Nokia will become Microsoft employees world wide.  I guess with all the press about Ballmer retiring, he’s not doing too bad.  All companies go through cycles and I just read the other day in Germany that Windows Phones surpassed the number of IPhones, not here in the US yet by a long shot. 

I also read some reviews to where some people commented on switching from their IPhones.  If you like pictures the Nokia 928 has about the best camera on a phone out there and it works well.  I like too how the Windows software as integrated the camera with “tiles” to connect to other apps that use the camera, like the scanner.  I have used it a couple times, lines and works well.

Stephen Elop is stepping aside as Nokia CEO to become executive VP of devices and services. Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa will serve as interim CEO

“As part of the transaction, Nokia is assigning to Microsoft its long-term patent licensing agreement with Qualcomm, as well as other licensing agreements.

Microsoft is also acquiring Nokia’s Mobile Phones business unit, which serves hundreds of millions of customers worldwide, and had imagesales of 53.7 million units in the second quarter of 2013. Microsoft will acquire the Asha brand and will license the Nokia brand for use with current Nokia mobile phone products. Nokia will continue to own and manage the Nokia brand. This element provides Microsoft with the opportunity to extend its service offerings to a far wider group around the world while allowing Nokia’s mobile phones to serve as an on-ramp to Windows Phone.”

Finland has been selected as the new data center for Europe and there’ more than a quarter of a billion dollars to be spent there. 

I go way back with Microsoft Mobile products to being one of the original Windows Mobile User Group members in Los Angles and we are the oldest group out there for over 15 years and we still meet. image When I think back to the early days and scratching out a few of the old antique VB apps that the early phones had, boy have we come a long way.  A couple years ago Microsoft actually came out and did some pictures on the group. 

The Lumina 928 phone is bigger too and I like that as the older I get, the bigger screen I like and I’m sure a few share that sentiment with me no matter what phone you use.

The battery life is great and it’s now in the 4G area for Verizon coverage so speed is great with the data.  Of course on thing the WindowsPhone has that the others don’t is “Mobile X-Box” and I have never used a regular X-Box but being it is on the phone I have tried my hand at a few games when I have a few idle minutes.

On item I complain about once in a while is “app overload” and the phone didn’t come overloaded with useless apps so I appreciate that quite a bit.  I can access Drop Box, Sky Drive (and that mobile interface is pretty neat).  The Home Page program tiles are simple and easy to use and I like new “smaller’ tiles you can mix in with the big ones.

Email works great and again the fastest most responsive cellphonimagee I have owned.  The only thing I have not tried yet is Skype (also owned by Microsoft) and that’s next on my list.  Nokia and Microsoft have built a good product hardware wise and software wise for the operating system. 

If you want a super 4G phone, the Nokia Lumina 928 is it!  BD 



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