The MiPS test as you can read in the press release combines the best of two worlds for greater accuracy and as stated will save a lot men having to go through the dreaded biopsy procedure if the doctor can determine if the tumorimage is low or a high risk.  Nobody like a biopsy and thus any tests with any areas of cancer like this would be greatly appreciated by consumers as well.   The PSA is not gone, just got better with adding new markers for specificity.  The University of Michigan Health System has begun offering a new urine test and a doctor’s request is needed to get the new patented test. 

Also worth noting the FDA approved a new blood test in 2012 for prostate cancer.  BD

FDA Approves New Blood Test for Prostate Cancer For Men With PSA Levels Just Above Normal Range

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--A new urine test for prostate cancer that measures minute fragments of RNA is now commercially available to men nationwide through the University of Michigan MLabs. The new test—Mi-Prostate Score (MiPS)—improves the utility of the PSA blood test, increases physicians’ ability to pick out high-risk prostate tumors from low-risk tumors in patients, and may help tens of thousands of men avoid unnecessary biopsies.

The MiPS test incorporates blood PSA levels and two molecular RNA markers specific for prostate cancer in one final score that provides men and their doctors with a personalized prostate-cancer risk assessment.

Other research has shown that the two-marker urine test is more effective than the PSA test alone, or PSA testing that’s incorporated into a commonly used online tool (the Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator), at predicting the presence of prostate cancer.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is not endorsing the use of this test or non-use—PCF does not endorse commercial companies or products. The Foundation heartily applauds each research step made toward precision medicine and better biomarkers for prostate cancer that improves the standard of care for patients and leads to less suffering and death from this disease that will affect one in six men in the US. The Safeway Foundation generously provided unrestricted funding to the Prostate Cancer Foundation for biomarker research that funded this work. The Safeway Foundation also provided PCF-Young Investigator funding to Dr. Tomlins. The Prostate Cancer Foundation is the world’s largest philanthropic source of support for accelerating the most promising research for better treatments and cures for prostate cancer. To learn more about PCF go to


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