Rachel did a good job documenting some of the scams andimage dupes that are going on for political issues.  Just set up a website…the Huckabee old site and phone number was a riot as they called the website and campaign (as it is still there looking for money) and you get Richard Simmons and some exercise help..they recycled the phone number:)  The site has been around a long time and the site is still there but the number has been changed!

Find a fear, put up a website and off you go.  Don’t fund Obamacare but fund us instead.  You can see some of the press showing the swindle efforts.  Here we go again with bargaining a government shut down and people are making money.  Some interesting information, 84% of the Senate are “Paper Senators” in other words they don’t use the digital capabilities the Senate provides, instead they use papers…and the numbers are a “tiny” bit better in the House so I would guess a lot of this political action has to be the efforts of the “Paper Congressmen”..low the websites to get some money from you…the dupe by the the “duped” or the “non participants as I call them.  When you get around to defunding Obamacare none of them think of the IT infrastructure that goes with Obamacare and every law they pass or revise..duh…

Not ObamaCare That is Failing, It’s the Models and Subsequent Algorithms that Execute Within IT Infrastructures Intersecting, Changing And Conflicting– The Affordable “Complexities” Act…


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This plays right in hand with the educational video page I have that helps educate those who want to go look and see what is really going on.  It’s all about modeling for inequality with segmentation, it’s the math models folks that are used to create what runs on servers and takes and moves your money.  Visit the Algo Duping page to learn how this works.  I’m getting more hits all the time and interesting this week I am seeing federal employees embracing #KillerAlgorithms on Twitter due to their paychecks being late, software issues=KillerAlgorithms…









This week too the Occupy Movement had their moment and wrote aimage book about Alternative Banking.  What most seem to miss about this is what they did in 2 years, they got educated so whether your agree or don’t agree, give the education process some credit as I read all the time that consumers don’t have enough financial knowledge..well Occupy is here as role models for that, anyone disagree with that?  Cathy O’Neil, who was one of the leading forces to help educate the Occupy Group  and I also are in full agreement too on Private Snooping, as all are upset over the NSA but look at what insurers, banks and other do that have more direct impact on your daily life than the NSA.  She also had a Happy Larry Summers day as a few years ago she was his quant at DE Shaw and is very relieved as the most of us are from the news we heard over the weekend that he’s not in the race any longer for the FED. 

Recommended Reading: “Where’s the Outrage Over Private Snooping?” “The Killer Algorithms Have Teeth & Don’t Care Who They Might Bite

Math models in finance and healthcare are not going away any time soon so find what this is all about and why the subsequent outcome is “The Attack of the Killer Algorithms” and be a skeptic when you need to be and watch out for the political scams that just want money from you.  BD 



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