If you have not seen them already, here’s the two creepy ads.  I thought they were funny and wonder what Jon Stewart has in mind discussing theses or Colbert…

These ads just gave the two of them some really ripe material to work imagewith.

I felt a bit sorry though for the young man talking on CNN about how effective he said the videos will be to reach the young crowd to opt out…I don’t think the youth works that way and like me they could be looking forward to the Jon Stewart or Colbert review on them.

This stands right up there with the “dummy down” routine to get people to enter their health data in a portal that looks like a game so it can be scraped and sold and all the while you are told to “play the game”…if I were in the younger age group I would look at these as a “dummy down” thing as they are going to make their own decision one way or another based on their education on the matter and Uncle Sam with looking like a dirty old man getting ready to do a pelvic exam really doesn’t represent a lot of intelligence, just amusing:)  BD


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