They are all out there doing it and sometimes each one is a little different as and example Verizon has their contest with wanting developers to write for their platform and some of the innovation centers are platform specific while others are not.  When you look at it the backers with the money are pretty folks scoping around looking to buy some code.  Why do they do this, cost as it’s a lot cheaper than trying in house to develop apps and pay full time programmers to be innovative. 

Verizon Latest to Enter “Code for Cash” Prize Format With $1 Million Top Pay Out for Writing Healthcare Apps That Use Their Platform, Is This the New “Corporate Business Model” To Yield Inexpensive Code?

It’s interesting to trace how some companies get built with executives and if you look at Definity Health for one, it’s the same guy who founded Red Brick which is a wellness program with some some strong arm methodologies in their wellness program.  Definity was purchased by United Healthcare a imagewhile back and the founder was from Principal Finance Group.  So he moves on after the sale to United and creates Red Brick which uses technologies from a United subsidiary Optum, formerly known as Ingenix. 

Behavioral Underwriting With Biometric Employee Screenings – Red Brick Secures 3 More Clients

Look how fast this moves within an industry when algorithms for profit are created.

WellPoint enters wellness program partnership With Red Brick – Behavior Based Health Insurance

So here we go with yet another innovation center and a lot of the wellness and device programs want apps to connect to the revenue streams.  One of the initial companies listed on the website, Home Stream  was founded by a former executive of United Health Group and is another one of the numerous PhDs running around out there.  I took a quick look around and didn’t find anything earth shattering as they seem to be more “look alikes” of technologies already out there with one pushing the awful gamificaiton process again.  I saw awful with the complexities of healthcare it now confuses more consumers and besides if you want a real action game most I talk to still opt for something along the line of World of Warcraft.  Now that’s a game (grin). 







I guess until someone hits it big with gamification it will still be out there and here’s from a couple years ago and even an executive from the DOD got mad a while back and said quit dumbing down consumers:)  Really would expect Ben Bernanke to fiddle around with apps like this as one example, or course not, just depends on who’s Kool-Aid you want to drink. 

Insurer Software Games Continue to “Dumb Down” Consumers–Would You See Bernanke, the President, CEOs and Other Executives Playing an Online Insurance Game–No, Part of the Focus Of Occupy Wall Street Frustrations

When PHRs first came out, I said this…and it’s still an issue 5 years embrace consumers..

What’s On the Agenda Tonight–World of Warcraft or Work on My Personal Health Record

Some of the developers too don’t even use their own consumer apps, run into that quite a bit and toward the end of his stint as US CTO you had Aneesh Chopa preaching to all developers “get rich”.  I heard that too many times in speeches too versus doing something for “the good of society” and sometime he mixed them together. 

If a developer gets lucky and the chances are very slim out there as a start up and that’s documented all over the web you might score and have one of your backers help you go live with a company that you can look forward to either a VC or insurance company buying it.  Let’s say you write some good code but you have maybe a B or C (grading system) app, well all may not be lost as an insurers may buy your code to integrate into their system where you sign all your rights over for the code and you can move on to the next innovation carrot contest.  That is if you can still afford to pay your rent. 

This article states that big companies lost their innovation, bull, it’s cheaper to go this way, bottom line rather than having to pay for itimage in house:)  Let’s get those apps out there running and going that collect data that can be sold is some of this, just follow the money.  Most reading this are not developers so I thought it was helpful to explain how this works for them relative to earning a living and paying their rent as to how many “code for cash” innovation centers they can afford to participate in so while these centers all are marketed as a bed of roses, there’s the other side of reality and the big corporations are the real winners here.  If there wasn’t any money in it, they wouldn’t keep popping up would they?  Stay tuned for the next innovation center as I run across them and add my 2 cents:)  BD

Treehouse Health, a for-profit group that will offer startups and large health care organizations space to collaborate, will open Oct. 17 in offices formerly occupied by creative agency Olson.

Angel investor and former UnitedHealth Group Inc. executive Dr. John Blank and his son, Jeffrey, announced the opening of Treehouse at Healthcare.MN’s demo event, which was held at the new space Saturday morning.

Treehouse leased 13,000 square feet at 1635 Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis’ Loring Park neighborhood. Spread over two floors, the center includes a conference room, areas for collaboration and quiet work space.

Treehouse’s goal is to make it easier for large health care companies like insurers to work closely with innovative startups. Blank described the space as a “health care mall,” with large companies serving as anchor tenants. Treehouse plans to recruit 10 to 15 companies to participate.


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