Unless you have been living under a rock there have been many glitches on the stock markets of late as volume of algorithms and trading accessing and trading data keep going up.  You are really not sure of the entire outcomes until the “algos” are done playing.  With the new insurance exchanges, guess what it’s the same thing except we have “new connectivity” here and processes that have not grown over the years as the technology has with stock markets, but it’s still the Algos coming out to play. 

Worst case scenario on Tuesday is that you get faxed an application to fax back to apply for insurance, like it’s gone on for years.  IT experts expect that as is this one of the largest data connected projects in the history of the US, so keep that in the back of your head.  Stock exchanges are having issues all the time now, and don’t expect anything different from the Insurance Exchanges, it is how it is.

Shopping Cart Issues With Federal Exchange Appear–Contingencies in Place For Manual Sign up

It is a bunch of algorithms that are connecting to make the health insurance exchanges possible.  That’s all it is with data information flow and we have different types of systems that need to connect and talk to each other.  Sounds like I’m talking about electronic medical again doesn’t it:)   Well it’s the same processes that everyone is bitching about there as well. 

The world is more complex than its has ever been and there more algorithms out there than ever, and that translates to there’s more computer code out there than ever and more computer code to write for current day systems.  So relax and see what happens on Tuesday and know there are contingencies in place ready to do a manual sign up if needed. 

So if you haven not figured this out yet the insurance exchanges are one big heaping load of algorithms that need to work and play with each other and software is nothing but a bunch of algorithms working together, Bill Gates said that.

This is not a political issue, it’s hardware/software issues…too bad Congress has not figured that out yet and the recent soap operas we have seen just really cement that perception.  I am guessing the first folks all over this on Tuesday will be the press to figure out how to give this some political meaning, silly. 

Certainly we are not going to be facing the same issues as what the stock exchanges do but use that as an example if you will of not being able to attain perfection today with large connected systems and know this is not a battle of politics, it’s a battle of the machines!  Will your machine connect to and talk my machine..only the shadow knows for sure.  Nobody knows all the glitches that will arise when the algorithm come out to play.  With the nonsense we have out there today, any technology issues will be handled like a juvenile witch hunt and one party will be attacked for failure..lol..get over it. 

Anymore I think the IT folks at the stock  exchanges pray for a good algorithm day too as they deal with it daily and they don’t know either when one glitch aka one algorithm is going to shoot down a fully connected system as the data all talks to each other and it rolls uphill and it rolls downhill.  I have tried to cover it as it is here being I used to write code and give a little insight as to what goes on with the workloads from the “working” side and it’s a lot of pressure. 

Obamacare Health Insurance Exchanges “Will It Blend”….Cobol Lives On With the Feds

Even HHS with some of their public statements have not been supportive of this either, like this incident that really hacked off a lot of technology folks and that’s the result of having someone in charge of HHS that has no partial background in technology, they get scare and ramble something off that we read in the news. It was like HHS getting frustrated with the time element was almost suggesting to “water board those developers and make them write that code faster” and that’s kind of how all working in tech took it as it was seen as little respect and value for the folks that make all of this work.  Technology folks if nobody has ever told you work at top speed all the time anyway, so that’s why this comment was such a roar.

Speed Up Rate of Change in Health IT?–“Short Order Code Kitchen Burned Down a Few Years Ago and There Was No Fire Sale”..IT Infrastructure Chance and Revisions Takes a Lot of ”Code”, “Time” and “ Most Importantly Money”

In contrast we have the boneheads on the other side that don’t realize that all laws are tied to an IT infrastructure and you can’t just say we are going repeal a law that has a ton of working IT infrastructure written not to mention expense.  Watching the soap operas and antics this week I would really like to reach out to these folks stumbling with this and educate them as to what goes on with the other side.  It’s the same old thing in a way with lawmakers seeing little value with the complexities the folks have to work with today and then soap opera continues. 

We don’t have a technologist running the SEC today either so over there, even though they are catching up, we still get low tech band aid solutions for high tech problems.  Gee how come when stock exchanges have issues we don’t have political issues there I wonder with witch hunts?  They seem to be looking at the technologists for their answers and same thing we should do with insurance exchanges. 

Obamacare Health Insurance Exchanges “Will It Blend”….Cobol Lives On With the Feds

Just wait until Tuesday and see what happens and the IT and technologists will do what they need to do with all the glitches and clashing algorithms and bashing math models that appear and it’s not the end of the world….be patient as there are 3 months before all of this goes into effect.  In the meantime though don’t worry about insurers as they have been modeling for this constantly to shift and change portions of their business when as new issues or changes evolved, now it’s up to the machines and the humans to make it run.  If there would have ever been a faint chance of Medicare changing to a voucher method let’s say for example, well guess what same IT Infrastructure issues would be right there too with time and expense so there’s no getting away from the reality of what it is today. 

For those waiting for the markets to open on Monday, let’s hope that NYSE and Nasdaq get their acts together on the news feeds and find out where those early issue algorithms are in the system so folks don’t lose money with news algorithms as well.  BD 


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