I swear people want to just track everything and anything they can.  Who wants crowns with tracking devices or an implant for that matter.  Tire companies have been putting chips in tires for years so no we have to check use of theimage crown or implant too?  I can it for research purposes as the article mentions for those who are grinding their teeth  as temporary tool and not put in a tooth for life.  The article says it can tell when you swallow, cough eat, you name it so why would it leave out the oral sex data (grin). 

Gosh forbid don’t let the insurers loose with this as they have an insatiable appetite for data and will do anything to get that data to work on their risk assessments.  We would be stuck for sure seeing dentists who use spying chips in tooth replacements for sure.  Again if it were used as a temporary agent to help diagnose something or to seek additional information for treatment, then ok, but as I said four years ago the next 12 step program on the horizon will be data addiction and abuse and when do you draw the line on when enough is enough sometimes.  These folks wanted to put your PHR in your tooth too…

I-Denti-Fied – Sink Your PHR Into Your Teeth And Take A Bite Out of Healthcare…

Data sellers would love to get more data to sell as well if it becomes available.  We already have insurers buying up Visa and Master card records to see (in the words of Blue Cross) to monitor to see if their members are buying clothes a size larger, so now with this they could get data on when you feed your face too?  The article says the tooth sensor can do all of that.  Technology like this is interesting but we still have to be able to live and survive like humans so how many of the Quantified Self folks are going to line up for one of these (grin)?  BD 

Health Insurers and Others Trying to Track Junk Food Consumers Purchase–Attack of the Killer Algorithms for Corporate Profits

A new invention stands to revolutionize the work of dentists and dietitians. The so-called “smart tooth” monitors an individual’s oral habits by recording gross and minute movement of the jaw. Developed by researchers from the National University of Taiwan, the innovation will allow doctors to track chewing, drinking, eating, coughing, and even smoking.

According to The Daily Mail, the device can be used detachable fake tooth or inserted in a crown. Once installed, the small motion sensor registers movement of the jaw. The data is then fed to a computer, which interprets the pattern and pairs it with an oral action.



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