This is actually pretty good and yes there’s a couple flashes of ads in here for imagehis book called Elephants in the Exam Room , we all know doctors are looking for extra income today since their compensation is being cut right and left and some even get paid less than Medicare by some insurers…cute song!

I like the “jump start” of the doctors at the beginning of the video.  The book is said to focus on all the standards doctors have to meet today and how they get kicked around and it’s those analytical algorithms (aka the Attack of the Killer Algorithms)  doing the segmentation for payer approval and compensation.  If you don’t know what inequality is with segmentation watch this video as insurers are “supposed” to be doing in reverse but they don’t. 

I think probably a possible message here with Obamacare to ask is “what in the world have these insurance companies evolved to be” that we are going to required to pay for our healthcare, you think? Are they just software companies like the banks?  Maybe this is what is upsetting us more than Obamacare you think? 

Banks Are Actually Just Software Companies and the Same Can Pretty Much Be Said for Health Insurance Companies As Well-5 Unspoken Reasons Tech Projects Fail

How many subsidiary companies do insurers own and what do they do, breathtaking?  You can almost pretty much safely say the insurance business is not the way it was a few years ago and granted technology affects every business but when will segmentation obtain some balance and accountability of the math models and formulas used in healthcare as insurance companies have hundred of Quants they hire to build them and accountability is rarely questioned.

Sadly the government has been no match for the math and formulas being used as first of all they don’t even publicly admit it exists, scary and we keep getting pushed on the app delusion that they can cure all, just shove more apps out there to consumers as a fix, Algo Duping at HHS is somewhat accelerated.    Just look at want ads anywhere for insurers…jobs for tons of analytic folks working off of who knows what kind of math models, they are hidden in code:) 

If you get confused by all the reports and marketing and other things you see out there today, visit the Algo Duping page or scroll to the footer of this page for a few of the same videos for a look from a different perspective and and become a skeptic if you think something is not right, never hurts to ask for sure. 

It is fact today that we lack the number of people required that know how to efficiently deal with the “flawed data” that is on the rise, basically due to the data selling epidemic we have in the US, where everyone wants their algorithms to make easy money for them.  It’s been exploited too with a game called “Data Dealers” and this too impacts a lot of the analytics you see out there today, so become a skeptic when you need to be. 

The video is done well with some parodies (buy medical records from a disgruntled nurse and sell them, set up websites, hack the other data brokers on so on). BD


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