The technology as I said back I 2009 is like having GPS for your knee surgery to increase the levels of accuracy.  This is what makes robotic surgery popular of course for doctors and patients to cut down on errors and getting precise placement.  It’s also much easier on the patient when it comes to recovery as well. 

Knee Surgery Done with a Robot - MAKOPlasty Tactile Guidance System™

MAKO has also added a software application for hip replacements as well.  By using the MAKO system partial knee resurfacing can be done which is a procedure that would take place before one would need a complete replacement and could help avoid one later down the road.  BD 

The Stryker Corporation, the medical technology company based in Kalamazoo, Mich., said on Wednesday that it would pay $1.65 billion for the MAKO Surgical Corporation.

The agreed price of $30 a share represents a huge 86 percent premium for MAKO, which makes tools for robotic assisted surgery in orthopedics. MAKO shares closed at $16.17 on Tuesday.

“MAKO has established a compelling technology platform in robotic assisted surgery, which we believe has considerable long-term potential in joint reconstruction,” Kevin A. Lobo, chief executive of Stryker, said in a statement.


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