By far one of the best tools out there and as a consumer there is a lot of information too on the free version, easy to find the various tiers for coverage and drug interactions.  I also have the web based look up on the blog, so use it to look up any drug by just typing in the name.  BD 

imageAbout 25,000 U.S. physicians have downloaded a free drug information software program that runs on Apple’s popular iPhone, according to the California company that develops the software. 

Overall, the Epocrates RX software has been downloaded by more than 125,000 total users in its first month of availability, according to a statement from San Mateo, California-based Epocrates.

David Sperling, MD, an internist in Long Beach, California, has been using Epocrates on hand-held devices for about 10 years and recently downloaded the software to his new iPhone. Sperling says he often uses the software to show patients high-resolution photos of pills in an attempt to identify what medications they’ve been taking when they aren’t certain.


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