You can’t run a business today without business intelligence.  Biotech and Pharma is all about Business Intelligence whether it is R and D or marketing.  This designed application made use of Office SharePoint Server and turned it into a scientific mining tool for this company in the gene expression business, and the new technology with Microsoft was what was presented to the investors at their last meeting.  With adding more smart technology, the amount of manual processing will be done with less employees and more efficiently. 

Vanderbilt University has also made some very good use of Microsoft technologies as well. 

Myself as being a small consumer rely on Microsoft Live Office Services, whereby I have a SharePoint Hosted Server and enables me to share documents and applications with others.   

In other healthcare related issues there’s the common user interface under development from Microsoft as well, with the hope of having the same or similar user interface someday at all health facilities, thus doctors and nurses will not have to learn a new system at every location where they practice.  Related reading can be found here. 

In addition, biotech companies have the opportunity to explore and develop applications at a Microsoft Technical Center as well, with several locations in the US and Worldwide.  More about the Technology Centers can be found here.  BD 

Accelrys CEO Mark Emkjer told an investor conference this week that the company has completed its restructuring and turnaround, is expecting more deals with equipment manufacturers, is expanding into other industries with R&D-generated datasets, and is expecting positive developments from the integration of Pipeline Pilot into Microsoft SharePoint, which will be formally rolled out in November.image

“Today most of this is done manually,” he said, but added that part of Accelrys’ growth strategy is to help R& D scientists with automated processing that could help do away with redundancies. His hope is that the platform will become increasingly embedded across the enterprises of his customers.

“More importantly” said Emkjer, “we have scientifically enabled the Microsoft SharePoint platform.” The integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server allows users to execute and display results through the Accelrys platform in the SharePoint environment.

Microsoft has programmers working at Accelrys now, said Emkjer. “We will QC [the platform] with a number of customers and then it will be in [Pipeline Pilot] 7.5 that comes out Nov. 15,” he said. Starting from the programming model behind Windows, SharePoint users can create functionalities of their choice. SharePoint “has a tremendous uptake across the biotech and Pharma industries,” Potenzone said. For example, Pfizer has deployed it broadly across its locations, as have “many other pharmaceutical companies.”image

“Accelrys and Microsoft have worked together to bring clients integrated Scientific Business Intelligence, Work Flow, and Content Management solutions that help our clients address their toughest scientific challenges. Accelrys brings scientific business intelligence, predictive science, and industry experience to the relationship, while Microsoft contributes industry-leading products and services. The result: Innovative solutions designed to address critical business issues. Accelrys' solutions leverage Microsoft technologies such as Sharepoint and Accelrys has implemented several Microsoft-based solutions. Accelrys has the expertise to deliver solutions that work well with your Microsoft investments.”

BioInform: Accelrys to Wall Street: Reorg Complete, Connecting to Microsoft, New Industries


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