I’m glad Medical Economics added this article, as it is something I have repeated many times over, if you don’t “read” you are missing out and this encompasses even more than healthcare too.

If you are using television as your main choice of getting information, you are missing out.  This also one of the reasons I try to include some useful information on the blog too, so as to save time so you don’t have to open and search additional area of the web for commonly searched information, like the retailers who offer the $4.00 prescriptions, one of the heaviest used sections of the blog and recently featured in the Wall Street Journal and Reuters as helpful shortcuts.  image

Science Roll Medical Search, also under the prescriptions will help in searching about 200 locations at once too, and present the items found in a tree link on the left, so you can go right to your area of interest and even brings in clinical trials if applicable.  If you are not reading and researching healthcare related items today on the web, you are indeed getting left behind as your family practice physician can’t cover it all the the 15 minute appointment as well.  BD 

While the number of consumers turning to the Internet for health information has surged in recent years, 50 million Americans last year sought health information but didn't go online, according to a study from a nonprofit public policy research group. Consumers who don't seek health information online could be at risk of missing the latest and most relevant information, the Center for Studying Health System Change says in a study released last month.

"These consumers may find themselves increasingly left behind as many new, valuable sources of health information—such as hospital and physician quality reports—are released solely through online channels," the study says.

Health care IT: Patients who don't seek health info online 'increasingly left behind' - - Medical Economics


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