First the milk and now cakes and candy, no word on whether or not we have the products here in the US.  First stop for the FDA appears to be China, especially to ensure any type of food, toothpaste, etc. that is imported in to the US is not contaminated.  We truly need the global efforts of having more than one country inspecting and re-inspecting facilities are are producing consumables, food and drugs.  BD 

The Hong Kong government said Tuesday the industrial chemical was found in the Four Seas brand of strawberry flavored cake. Four Seas is a Hong Kong company. Tests in Hong Kong and Singapore also found melamine in Chinese-made White Rabbit candies.

Melamine, used to make plastics and fertilizer, has been found in infant formula and other milk products from Mengniu and 21 other Chinese dairy companies. Suppliers trying to cut costs are believed to have added it to watered-down milk because its high nitrogen content masks the resulting protein deficiency.

Hong Kong cake found with melamine

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