This too is fast becoming a confusing issue, who and what do you choose? CMS has their pilot program working and just added the Department of Defense to who have original Medicare and also receive Tricare benefits the options to use the personal health record, called MyPHRSC and the information is provided via a Medicare Contractor, not direct from Medicare.

imageI am somewhat curious as to the full expectations of the program as it appears Medicare and CMS is in to cutting funds in so many places, but yet would it not make sense to perhaps use one of the other online programs instead of spending more money? Just a question that pops into my mind. HealthTrio, who created the program has many services to include employers, insurance companies and connects data together as well as brokering insurance plans, and this program may operate totally outside of their other realms of business, but it appears to be more insurance connected and affiliated rather than focus on the personal health record of the individual.

Which would be better, a complete consumer PHR with someone with no insurance carrier connections or one such as this one? They both offer convenience but what if the Medicare contractor changes, and are they the ultimate data base source? Other PHRs are advancing pretty quickly to add labs, medical devices and more, so again the question I guess of the expense here, is this a project to improve data connectivity or one more to compete eventually in the over crowded personal health records business that is on the taxpayer’s tab? BD

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced an expansion of the South Carolina Personal Health Record pilot (MyPHRSC) to include TRICARE health data. An interagency agreement between CMS and the Department of Defense (DoD) will enable beneficiaries who have original Medicare and also receive TRICARE benefits to be offered the option of adding TRICARE health data to their MyPHRSC personal health records (PHRs). This data has only been available to the beneficiary through the DoD Medical Information Technology systems until this point.

The PHR tool selected for the MyPHRSC was created by HealthTrio, which currently offers PHRs to thousands of individuals through employer contracts. The Medicare data is provided through Palmetto GBA, a Medicare contractor serving the region that includes South Carolina . The pilot is being managed by QSSI, a company that specializes in information technology solution development and headquartered in Gaithersburg , Md.

CMS Expands Personal Health Record Pilot In South Carolina To Include Data From Tricare


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