Just yesterday I posted about the VA and Kaiser Permanente accomplishing a data interchange example.  BD

“This is a data to data transfer, and there is also the personal health record interface with Microsoft HealthVault as another alternative to getting information back and forth, whereby the patient is the deciding factor and it may also address privacy issues a bit better with patient involvement in the decision process to share medical information.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs has joined Interneimage t2 as an affiliate member and has connected to the nationwide advanced networking consortium.

The VA in the near term will work with other members to investigate next-generation technologies that can enhance the transmission of medical data and information. The VA also will study how the Internet2 network may be used to support medical data sharing, distance learning, high-resolution image transfers, and bandwidth-intensive applications such as telepathology and Internet Protocol video for home health use.

The VA has connected one of its secure Internet gateways near Washington to Internet2 via the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads regional optical network. Mid-Atlantic Crossroads is a consortium founded by Georgetown University, George Washington University, the University of Maryland and Virginia Tech.

VA Revs Up on Internet2


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