Is this any indication on how the big healthcare institutions think of Congress, much less Medicare?  We have lived through the Medicare nightmares for the last number of years and all we hear is cut, cut and cut again, as there’s such an over lack of knowledge in healthcare that really is not understood by the masses with our existing complicated system. 

Let us not forget HR 3661 and this story on the administration rushing to publish a law to cut money before Congress could act from Mr. Leavitt where a federal judge had to come in and slap hands.  BD 

After this summer’s mess over how much Medicare pays doctors, is it any wonder that leaders at Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins want Congress to have less control over the big government program?

Mayo CEO Denis Cortese and Johns Hopkins Medicine CEO Edward Miller argue on the op-ed page of today’s Chicago Tribune that instead of Congress, some sort of board should make big decisions about Medicare’s payment policies.


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