The tool is designed for use by doctors and will still need to go through clinical trials to determine accuracy and effectiveness.  This is a joint effort and will be tested at Harvard Medical School and the Cleveland Clinic.  Radiation oncologists and urologists are the targeted physicians who would benefit from using the web based software.  BD 

Doctors have created a free online computer tool, the CaP Calculator, that provides cancer specialists access to the latest prostate cancer research and helps them better individualize each patient's treatment options, according to a study presented in a scientific session on September, 23, 2008, at the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology's 50th Annual Meeting in Boston.

This Web-based tool allows doctors to enter information about a patient's cancer stage, based on their rectal exam, PSA levels and biopsy information. With the help of CaP Calculator, doctors can more accurately evaluate the risk of the disease spreading beyond the prostate, and the effectiveness of surgery and radiation treatment. It also provides an individualized printout to allow doctors to review the results with each prostate cancer patient.

New Web Site Helps Doctors And Prostate Cancer Patients Make Better Treatment Choices


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