Amazing vote from the legislature to overturn the governor’s veto, not one vote against it. 

A bill extending hospital discounts to people without health insurance has become the law, after the legislature over-turned Gov. Rod Blagojevich's amendatory veto.  There is also a cap of no more than 25% of income can be paid during any one year for hospital expenses.  It is called the Fair Patient Billing Act and the state Attorney General’s office will enforce the law. 

Illinois is the first state to pass a law of such to regulate charges paid by uninsured who meet the qualifying factors.  BD

The Illinois House voted 97-0 on Tuesday to endorse the original measure, which was passed unanimously in June.   The Senate's vote was 55-0.

The legislation requires hospitals to offer significant discounts to uninsured Illinoisans.  Instead of paying the full sticker price – typically two to three times the actual cost of care – consumers will pay charges based on the actual cost of care plus a 35 percent markup.

To qualify for discounts, consumers have to meet financial criteria.  In urban areas, families earning up to 600 percent of the federal poverty level -- $127.200 for a family of four – will be eligible for price-breaks.  In rural areas, the eligibility limit is set at 300 percent of poverty, of $63,600 for a family of four.


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