This was a demonstration of how information can and was shared between applications, Kaiser and the VA’s Vista system.  With KP HealthConnect™, all physicians and patients have 24/7 access to medical records from the web so as this matures, the information exchange should become a simpler process.

This is a data to data transfer, and there is also the personal health record interface with Microsoft HealthVault as another alternative to getting information back and forth, whereby the patient is the deciding factor and it may also address privacy issues a bit better with patient involvement in the decision process to share medical information.  BD

William Ozzie may be a fictional solider, but his electronic health record showed how Kaiser Permanente, the Department of Veterans Affairs and private sector providers can seamlessly share information over an interoperable health information exchange. In a critical step towards giving patients and doctors a "health care Internet," Kaiser Permanente collaborated with the VA in a unique "wounded warrior" test demonstration of the Nationwide Health Information Network.

The scenario showed how physicians could safely and securely share Ozzie's sample medical history across multiple EHR systems, such as Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect" and the VA's VistAWeb, to inform medical decisions and deliver high quality care regardless of location or where the health record originated.

Kaiser Permanente physician George Peredy, MD, showed how William Ozzie's sample patient data could be obtained from five different health providers including the VA, the Department of Defense and the private sector. In the model.

Kaiser Permanente And Veterans Affairs Preview Electronic Health Record Interoperability To Enable Better Health Care


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