Two interesting videos about the course of sequencing.  Technology is also going into environmental planning and additional medicinal uses.  This is somewhat spooky in the fact that they project in 3 years we will have the capability of creating new life forms that have never existed before. 

As stated in the videos, this does not include human experimentation, but can help lead to information in fighting some of today’s targeted diseases.  Just as in computers, it’s all in the “code”, aka software that makes the analysis and research possible.  BD 

J. Craig Ventor, CEO of Synthetic Genomics and sequencer of the human genome, is engineering new microbes that can produce high amounts of chemicals needed for environmental solutions.

The key breakthrough that's occurred in the last few years, he says, is our ability to treat the code of life like a computer program. In the past, we could only cut and paste from biology, but the reality today is that we can write the code of life from scratch.


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