The answer was “it’s best to leave this up to the scientists”, which is probably the correct response as there does not appear to be enough documented information yet.  Do we start a clinical trial on cell phones maybe, there certainly is not a lack of potential candidates here (grin).  I guess if there is not enough information, is there something to discuss?  BD 

Rep. Dennis Kucinich of (D-Ohio), chair of the subcommittee of the Committee on Oversight and Government image Reform, which held a hearing Thursday, said that CTIA (The Wireless Association), the industry major trade association in Washington DC, declined his request to testify with scientists and government officials about the status of the scientific research on the topic.

Most studies have found no connection between cancer and cell phone use. The scientific studies pointing to an association between cell phones and brain cancer is controversial and limited. None of the major health organizations -- including the National Cancer Institute nor the American Cancer Society -- think that there is a link. In fact the chief medical director at the American Cancer Society, Otis Brawley, said as recently as this summer that some of the warnings about a link are "scaring people unnecessarily."

ABC News: Remaining Mute, Cell Phone Execs Refuse to Appear Before Congress


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