I hope my blog is no indication of this as when I look at the map to see readers geographically, the east coast as you can see imagefrom the screenshot is always loaded with readers compared to the west coast, although today it looked better than normal on the west coast.  Perhaps this is just my blog, but it certainly appears that there are more folks doing a lot more reading on the east coast. 

Folks that don’t access the web get left behind with healthcare knowledge.   BD 

How well students and schools succeed in mastering a curriculum that includes English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, and the social and natural sciences, strongly influences how well the students fare in higher education. In California, student mastery in ELA and mathematics is measured with the California Standards Tests (CST).

"These consumers may find themselves increasingly left behind as many new, valuable sources of health information—such as hospital and physician quality reports—are released solely through online channels," the study says.”

California Already Ranks Near The Bottom In Education And By 2014 It Will Be Worse | Scientific Blogging


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