Whistle blower case where Pharma Sales representative created an investigation and settlement.  Whistle blowers can and do receive portions of settlements, and in this case there was  $46 million.  The uses marketed by Cephalon were not approved by the FDA.  Doctors can prescribe for off label use, but Pharma cannot market and promote for treatments other than approved 

The decision to report Cephalon to the FDA cost Boise his job and future employment in the pharmaceutical industry. But his information helped end Cephalon's illegal marketing practices that put patients at risk and led to today's settlement.  After he lost his job, others came forward with the same information and thus the settlement was distributed to 4 whistle blowers and I assume all are not worried over the loss of their jobs.  The entire investigation started in 2004.  BD

The government's investigation into Cephalon Inc.'s illegal marketing practices that culminated in today's $425,000,000 settlement and guilty plea by the pharmaceutical company began in January 2003 with a Cephalon sales representative in Ohio.

The sales representative, Bruce Boise, refused to follow company-ordered sales strategies to convince doctors to prescribe Cephalon's Actiq, Gabitril and Provigil drugs for unapproved ("off-label') uses because he was worried the sales practices were illegal and the "off-label" uses were dangerous for patients.

Ohio Sales Rep's Information Launched Massive Government Investigation of Cephalon - MarketWatch


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