It is a mess today trying to figure out which medical records system might be right for you, and there are many evaluation methods available, but if you are a physician, the evaluation by an IT firm might still leave you in a quandary. It’s about as confusing as trying to look at a line by line comparison of doctors or hospitals.  Since the list was published there have also been a couple mergers and acquisitions as well, so you might be better off to work with a consultant or ask other physicians as to what they use and what choices they have made. 

One example from Medical Economics is Eric Fishman, which you have seen mentioned around here before and he is a doctor with a physician’s viewpoint. 

For general information and discussion forums, you can always visit, which is syndicated here on the Medical Quack under resources.  BD

A former orthopedic surgeon has created a company dedicated to helping physicians navigate the choppy waters of purchasing the right electronic medical records (EMR) system – for free.

Eric Fishman, MD, says his company, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida-based, has made recommendations to more than 7,500 practices about which EMR systems would best meet their specific needs.

Overwhelmed by the number of electronic health record (EHR) vendors out there? A research and consulting firm offers an in-depth look at 10 of the major vendors for the ambulatory care market and highlights the top performers for features, flexibility, and physician satisfaction.

EHRs: Top EHR vendors evaluated by IT research firm - - Medical Economics


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