Nurses stated if they had written the same they felt they could have been let go.  Nice to see a physician stand up and tell it like it is, and get some major coverage.  They are the ones who deal day in and day out with documentation to get coverage for patients and have the day to day paperwork routine to deal with as well as the staff. BD 

The deep frustration over the direction of the medical profession boiled over in this issue of the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, which hopes to harness the anger and turn it into a quest for solutions. The angst comes from a two-page essay titled "A medical center is not a hospital," written by Dr. Thomas Lansdale. The Baltimore internist writes that the job of a modern physician is now "to do everything in my power to keep my patients out of the medical center."

He mocks concepts such as "centers of excellence" for being run by "administrators who cared nothing about medical education, except for the Medicare dollars they would lose if they cut the training programs.

And worst of all, he writes, "we capitulate to the for-profit insurance industry that informs us they won't pay for day 4 of Mr. Jones' hospitalization because he has failed to meet some arbitrary criteria in their manual."

Frustration over health-care system erupts in Cleveland Clinic medical journal - Medical and Science News from The Plain Dealer - -


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