imageimageVisit the website for additional information as well.  When you look at all the products available today, there sure are many options versus the old method of fusion and still maintain flexibility. 

Pictures show here may not be representative of the actual product recently approved.  As you can see this gets pretty intense and appears to offer a multitude of solutions.  BD

The Novel cervical interbody implant is said to be the latest product in Alphatec Spine's pipeline that provides solutions for disorders affecting the cervical spine. The Novel cervical interbody is offered in three footprints in both Peek and titanium. The implant is designed to optimize endplate contact and has windows that increase the surgeon's ability to insert grafting material into the implant, the company said. 

The Novel cervical interbody has been cleared by the FDA as a cervical interbody device,  complementing existing Alphatec Spine products, including the Trestle anterior cervical plating system, the Solanas posterior cervico-thoracic fixation system, and the AlphaGRAFT ProFUSE demineralized bone scaffolds.

ATEC Alphatec wins FDA approval for cervical implant


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