It will streamline accounting too so they know how much and what you are eating, so the numbers will finally be in to find out how much food the residents are really eating (grin).  As for convenience, it beats paper but I also seem to want to think that this may somehow lead to dietary guidance somewhere along the line with data being collected and analyzed.  Well at least if one is putting on a few extra pounds, they will be able to determine if it is the amount of food being consumed at the hospital or otherwise.  Everything we do today appears to have one big data trail.  BD 

FreedomPay, the leader of payment management solutions, today announced the launch of Meal Tracker 2.0, the next generation of meal plan and free meal management for hospitals and healthcare systems. Meal Tracker 2.0 is building on the success of the version 1.0, which has enabled hundreds of hospitals nationwide to simplify and streamline their resident, doctor and employee meal programs.

The majority of hospitals and healthcare systems provide free or discounted meal programs for physicians, Residents, medical students, volunteers, employees and service recovery. FreedomPay's Meal Tracker program enables hospital and department administrators to electronically automate all meal program administration. Meal Tracker is a web-based, real-time solution that links funds or free meal credits to a FreedomPay tag or employee badge. With this solution, administrators have complete flexibility and control over the scheduling, delivery and reporting of meal programs.

Meal Tracker 2.0 - Next Generation Of Meal Plan And Free Meal Management For Hospitals And Healthcare Systems


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