The man had insurance coverage and had 21 liens from hospitals, doctors, etc. – was the HMO slow in paying?  BD 

I now have an amputated left leg and a 'frozen' left shoulder. I was released from the rehabilitation hospital in July of last year. But during the preceding May and June of that year, those two hospitals, various surgeons, radiologists, and anesthesiologists placed 21 liens against my and my wife's home, totaling $531,000. All these liens were placed on my home before I was released from the hospital and before I'd even seen a bill.

"The strange part of all this is that I have complete medical insurance coverage, and all my medical providers knew it. Three of those liens still exist, even though the bills have been paid by my HMO. My accident not only has cost me thousands of dollars out of my own pocket in co-pays and deductibles, but it has cost me grief over our home and possible credit repercussions."

Insured Amputee Still Faces Liens Against Home


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