This story gets more worry some by the moment when you stop and think of where milk products are used.  You see on the list some of our American branded products listed, manufactured outside the US, so this would indicate that even the imagecompany branding may not hold any value if a product is purchased outside the US? 

It is almost to the point where labeling should include the country where the product has been produced, at least that way a consumer is aware of the origins of the product being consumed and the same should apply for drugs and pharmaceuticals.  It could also serve to take some of the lengthy processes out of locating the point of origin for any product or drug for that matter.  This is already done for non consumable products on a large scale basis as we all see the labels on the products we purchase.  Some food products have labels, but more could be done here. 

On the other hand, this could serve to be a real eye opener for all t see exactly where the food and drug products we consume on a daily basis originate.  BD  

(AP) -- The British supermarket chain Tesco pulled a Chinese candy from its shelves and New Zealand said Wednesday it found dangerously high levels of the industrial chemical melamine in the same brand, as fears over tainted milk spread beyond Asia. More than 54,000 Chinese babies have been sickened after drinking formula made with tainted milk and four have died. At least 12 countries have banned Chinese dairy products - the latest was Indonesia, which distributed a list of 28 products that it said may contain tainted Chinese milk, including Oreo cookies, Snickers bars and M&M chocolate candies.

Tainted milk fears spread to Britain, New Zealand


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