94 percent of for-profit nursing homes were cited compared to 88% of non profit.  163 nursing facilites will receive an extra effort in the monitoring end of things, this is scary.

For profit numbers somewhat indicate there’s more interest in a dollar than healthcare, but all together, look at these numbers, they are huge with 20% of the complaints involving neglect of patients, like one video recently shown on the web where a person died while the workers played cards on the video tape.  BD 

WASHINGTON — More than 90 percent of nursing homes were cited for violations of federal health and safety standards last year, and for-profit homes were more likely to have problems than other types of nursing homes, federal investigators say in a report issued on Monday.

Problems included infected bedsores, medication mix-ups, poor nutrition and abuse and neglect of patients.

Inspectors received 37,150 complaints about conditions in nursing homes last year, and they substantiated 39 percent of them, the report said. About one-fifth of the complaints verified by federal and state authorities involved the abuse or neglect of patients.



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