Interchange and interoperability of medical records continues, this time with the Department of Defense and the VA.  Just yesterday I posted about the exchange between Kaiser Permanente and the VA.   The VA has also joined Internet 2 to become an active participant. 

Again, with the interchange of records going on, I think it is becoming even more clear to establish a personal health record plan of some type, whereby you can correct and verify information if needed, and have the option to include additional vendor information, such as labs and be able to centralize information from medical devices too. 

Kaiser Permanente physician George Peredy, MD, showed how William Ozzie's sample patient data could be obtained from five different health providers including the VA, the Department of Defense and the private sector. In the model.

HealthVault and Google Health have both been in heavy pursuit and development in this area.  Back in June I also posted about Beth Israel Hospital in Boston and Social Security with their exchange of medical records pilot program.

“By the end of August or September, we will actually be requesting real data from [Beth Israel Deaconess] and receiving real live data back, which we can use to [fold] into the medical record,” Somers said.

Today is a good time to stay informed and be aware of what’s happening with interoperability with medical records as it is expanding rapidly and who knows, it could be happening at your healthcare facility.  BD 

U.S. Army medical facilities soon will electronically transfer a standard set of information about patients transferred to a "polytrauma unit" at one of four Veterans Administration medical centers. These units, at VA facilities in Tampa, Fla.; Richmond, Va.; Palo Alto, Calif.; and Minneapolis, provide intensive rehabilitation to patients who have severe injuries to more than one organ system.

The Department of Defense and VA recently completed a pilot program transferring information between Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the polytrauma unit in Tampa. The information includes notes on the patient's situation and background, an assessment of his or her condition, and recommendations for future care.

DoD, VA to Exchange Trauma Data


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