Modern has also published an article about the status of affairs of many hospitals.  To read further, click here to review the series I began last month called “Desperate Hospitals” in where there are several updates and additional hospitals included.  Also included is some information on how the larger institutions are staying alive with branding and investments overseas.  Smaller hospitals as well as small practices are also very much as risk of becoming non existent if the funds are not there to cover the bills. 

You can also read the initial post on Reuters.  Many thanks to Reuters for publishing!

This is an issue that is probably far bigger than most of us have imagined, complicated more here in California without a budget until last week with no payments released from the state going back to July 1st.  BD 

One more related article too from the Wall Street Journal, New York hospitals have lost some of their board members and potential charity donations. 

For a handful of hospitals, breathing room has been increasingly hard to come by, even before an explosive combination of risky mortgages and highly complex financial instruments seized credit markets. Hawaii Medical Center is one of four hospitals that sought bankruptcy protection or moved to liquidate since Aug. 19. And economic conditions hint that more turmoil is likely to come, some experts say.

Modern Healthcare Online


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