Will we ever get the DEA away from paper?  With the current move to e-prescribing the DEA has not come up with their exact plan yet to work with providers to make it easier to e-prescribe instead of having to use the old antiquated 4 part paper pads.  As posted previously, there is a pilot program in the works to see if we can get this to work.  I would think a data trail is far more superior to tracing paper records any day, but everyone has to be in agreement here. 

More information here including a link to the last 60 page report from the DEA.  BD  

The AHA today expressed support for electronic prescriptions for controlled substances, but urged the Drug Enforcement Administration to ensure its proposed e-prescribing rule aligns with other efforts in the federal and private health care sector, such as the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act, to avoid conflicts and redundancy. It also urged the DEA to gain a better understanding of the security-related functionality of current electronic health record systems, clearly define the financial and legal risks associated with e-prescribing of controlled substances, and conduct careful pilot testing. The comment letter can be found at www.aha.org.

AHA urges DEA to pilot test proposed e-prescribing rule


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