He also did recognize the effect of current budget cuts are having on the progression of R and D, as anyone who applies for and receives grants these days knows the bar has been raised and it is a bit more difficult to secure them, as a result many are looking to investors outside the NIH for funding.  BD 

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – National Institutes of Health Director Elias Zerhouni said this morning he will resign from his position at the end of October "to pursue writing projects and explore other professional opportunities."

Zerhouni was appointed to the directorship of NIH in 2002 by President George W. Bush, and he has since that time overseen both rapid growth in the size of the institute and the breadth of its efforts.

In a recent article in Science, Zerhouni wrote that stalled federal funding was “eroding the growth of NIH at a time when opportunities for scientific progress and advances in human health have never been greater.”

He also said that the bioscience community must “do a better job in demonstrating our value to society,” if it wants to maintain importance to those holding the federal purse-strings.



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