Lot of outsourcing going on here and maybe a good reason to look at speech recognition soon.  At least that way it is all kept on local servers, but then you have to train physicians how to use it, but some hospitals are doing great and the military is also a big user of speech recognition and it will save money too. 

One more tough item for this hospital to deal with as the hospital is struggling for it’s existence with a new CEO at the top.  A doctor did a Google search on one of his patients and there it all was on the internet, and a good accidental find as it could have been on the web for a long time.  The article also said human errors are ending up being the culprit more these days than hackers.  BD 

Private medical records of Grady Memorial Hospital patients were made public on the Internet, in a way that has become an increasing concern to information security experts.

Human error — not hackers — apparently caused the medical records of 45 patients to make their way onto an unsecured Web site in July, where they remained for a few weeks, Grady officials said.

Grady outsourced the job of transcribing the notes to a Marietta firm, Metro Transcribing Inc., which outsourced the work to a Nevada contractor, Renee Lella. Lella, in turn, turned the work over to a firm in India, Primetech Infosystems.



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