We may have thought scanning an identification card could really be convenient, this hospital chain will now allow you to check with with the palm of your hand.  Video can be seen here. 

With all the concern about bacteria in hospitals, this seems to move the mark up one level with no touch required, just hold your hand above the scanner.  This could be helpful in expediting information at the Emergency Room level too.  This is stated to be more accurate than current fingerprints, but the catch is you need blue veins, well we all have those. 

In time the interface will allow the information to go into electronic medical records, less manual input.  BD 

BayCare Health System has begun using biometric palm scanning technology to register patients.image

The system streamlines patient identification and helps prevent the misuse of Social Security numbers and insurance cards by using near-infrared light to scan the unique vein patterns, a release from BayCare said.

The Patient Secure Identity system was launched at St. Anthony’s Hospital in June and has since been installed at other BayCare facilities. BayCare did not disclose the cost of implementing the system in the release.image

  • Unique - vein patterns are unique to individuals and contain detailed characteristics(1)
  • Accurate - advanced matching algorithms produce high level of accuracy(2)
  • Universal Applicability - technology can be used by virtually everyone
  • Versatile - readily deployable to wide range of applications
  • Hygienic - contact-less user interface addresses hygiene concerns
  • Non-invasive - simple to use user interface promotes high level of user acceptance
  • Reliable - field proven technology with built-in forgery protection

The technology also is expected to link to an electronic medical record system BayCare is implementing in its nine hospitals throughout the Tampa Bay area.

BayCare Health System has begun using biometric palm scanning technology to register patients.


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