What this article says is true, we have this technology already.  You can look around this blog and find much of it posted over the last couple years in the technology or medically related sections.

Take a look around this blog and you’ll find the smart clothing, brain defibrillators, home monitors, new products for back surgery, a mouse that takes your blood pressure, phones that measure your blood pressure and send back to your physician, carbon filtered underwear, chip implants, wireless technology, technology that reads your brain, telemedicine,  USB microscopes, and many types of software that talks to devices to name just a few.  BD

Perhaps it was the purple starry night backdrop or the strange silver poles lined up on stage, but G. Steven Burrill seemed to have arrived from the future. Addressing AdvaMed 2008, a medical technology industry conference in Washington last week, he spoke about the upcoming era of personalized medicine. 

Soon all health care will be Wal-Mart-ized, said Burrill, chief executive of Burrill & Co., a San Francisco life sciences merchant bank.

When you walk into a superstore, you would drop a sample of blood or saliva on a BlackBerry-type device. When you're done shopping for groceries, the store would present you with a printout of your ailments and a bag of personalized medication. That medication would also contain digestible computer chips, which would relay real-time reports on your body's fluctuations.

Imagine, said Burrill, wearing "smart" clothing, filled with probes and sensors that would monitor our health.

"And I'm not in la-la land” he said. "It's going to happen sooner than later.

We already have most of this technology."

A Glimpse Into Personalized Medicine of the Future - washingtonpost.com


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