One more concern claiming potential cures and treatments for cancer being addressed by the FDA.  Posting this to keep all informed since there are so many companies that are claiming cures and treatments.  BD 

The Federal Trade Commission has charged a Surprise-area business with using deceptive advertising to sell bogus cancer cures. Mary Spohn and her company, Herbs for Cancer, could be forced to pay thousands of dollars in restitution if found guilty by a commission judge of misleading marketing practices. Herbs for Cancer is a limited-liability corporation registered in Wittmann but listing a Sun City address. 

Apart from having an office at 12129 W. Bell Road that was known to offer acupuncture, Spohn ran the Web site and sold a variety of Chinese herbal teas with names such as "Breast Cancer Tea Formula" and "Malignant Lymphoma Tea Formula," among others.

FDA charges Surprise store over claims of cancer cure


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