Just wanted to put a short note here about Scan man’s notes.  Lately he has been including some great Radiology informationimage and scans on the blog too. 

It’s also nice to hear from someone outside of the US to compare notes on healthcare too.  We all learn from each other.  Scan Man has been gracious enough to include the Medical Quack under Medical News on his site as well.  You can find the link at any time on this site under the Blog Roll Section under Scan Man.  Many thanks for including this blog and I hope to keep things interesting enough in India as well for your readers!  BD 

I am Vijay Sadasivam, a radiologist practicing in Salem, a city in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. scan man is the pseudonym that I used when I started this blog.

I may occasionally write something related to radiology or medicine in general. These again are my personal opinions, supported by references where available. Nothing in my blog is intended as medical advice.



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