In other words, this is called Business Intelligence.  Lots of it out there to choose from and one from Microsoft specifically related to hospital management and budgets.  Before the demise of Wall Street it wasn’t too long ago that I posted about the All Nighter they pulled to mine and try to find the best investments for Cancer, so here’s a little trip back to the past below. 

Whatever business you are in today, it all comes back to smarter management through software.  Backtracking a few months ago and comparing to what we have today certainly lends some direction as to where speculation was going just a few months ago and Big Pharma has always been a big investor in Business Intelligence from day one.  BD 

(from May 2008)

Wall Street Drug Analysts to Pull All-Nighter Tomorrow to Analyze Cancer Studies...

Interesting...Wall Street trying to figure out how to hit the "moving target" of where to invest with health care as related to Oncology...that explains some recent inquiries....hope they have some good software available to crunch the information with some sophisticated Business Intelligence software doing the drill down mining...BD 

image Tomorrow night, at 9 p.m. Eastern, American Society of Clinical Oncology is going to release the results of thousands of cancer studies that will be presented at the group’s big annual meeting. At least a few of those are likely to be market-moving, especially the ones that involve small biotechs whose future rests on a single cancer drug.

But the trick is finding the market-moving needles in a haystack of data — and doing it before the markets open Friday morning.  Of course, some analysts aren’t waiting for the abstracts to make bets about what the data will hold. Morgan Stanley analyst Steven Harr on Monday lowered his rating on ImClone, which makes the cancer drug Erbitux. The company’s stock fell more than 7% Monday, before recovering a bit yesterday.


Pharmaceutical and biotech companies conduct pricing research much earlier in drug development than they once did. The new study, "Outcomes-Based Pharmaceutical Pricing: Meeting Stakeholder Needs," published by competitive intelligence firm Cutting Edge Information, finds that 56% of companies begin pricing-focused market research before Phase III of product development (

Cutting Edge Information Study Finds Pharma Pricing Research Being Conducted Earlier


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