Seniors today sure seem to top the listings of devices whether it is a home monitoring device, a wireless device for imagemonitoring their hearts, and now here’s the latest that can be added, a human airbag to protect in case of a fall.  Is this going to be something else they will need to add to their daily wardrobe?   As mentioned below, it will not be the seniors lining up to purchase these, but rather family and others who have time schedules that don’t allow for personalized attention, something well all seem to lack today in one form or another.  BD 

Nasty falls, however, may be things of the past — thanks to the invention of the human airbag.

Simply strap the 2½lb (1.1kg) pouch around the waist and the wearer is armed with the cutting edge of protection. Sensors detect movement and have been programmed to know when things have gone wrong — a slip on something wet, a stumble on an uneven paving stone or a fall down stairs. 

Within a tenth of a second, the airbags inflate to the size of three footballs as they are blasted into action with 15 litres of compressed gas, offering a soft slab of padding on the most vulnerable parts of the body in a fall: the back of the head and the bottom.

The people most likely to pay for them are not the pensioners, but their guilt-ridden children, whose punishing work commitments prevent them from checking up on their parents more regularly.


  1. Wow, how pious. Have you ever had a senior in your life who could fall at any moment? "Checking in" more often isn't enough - they need monitored as they walk through the house to go to the bathroom 24/7. This isn't just about someone falling and being trapped with no one around - it's about the damage caused by a fall. Perhaps you should learn what's going on before you pass judgment on people.


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