I can understand this as we do not have a shortage of electronic medical records software out there, so why create one more system, the doctors and hospitals are up to their ears in learning curves these days. 

Besides, if they don’t use all the funding, the entire project might just get their budget cut, like Congress did to Darpa.  You can read more here on that story, which I feel is ridiculous as DARPA contributes heavily to healthcare and is able to work with outside firms on projects jointly with some of their funding as well.  Cutting budgets and creating additional overheard are not a good thing right now as there are other pressing issues at hand and I sure wish we had membership that was more in touch with technology instead to use our money more wisely, other than just cutting funds where we need them.  BD 

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society opposes parts of a broad health IT bill (HR 6898) introduced earlier this month by House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee Chair Pete Stark (D-Calif.),

HIMSS Objects to Provisions in Stark's Health IT Legislation - iHealthBeat

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