The next question, who’s cloud?  With the new grants and money available perhaps the rush of applicants and users of the site was not anticipated to the level it has reached and the economy of course adds fuel to the fire here.  image

So does the answer lie in Software as a Service?  The group was given until March 13th to come up with a plan, well let’s see, that’s tomorrow.  One more area of the government in need of a technology overhaul and there will be more coming as old dynasty software and servers start to lag and choke.  BD 

Wall Street and Healthcare – Was it the Mob or have the rest of us been operating like a PC with no anti-virus protection?

The federal government's new "pro cloud" attitude is about to get its first test. Office of Management and Budget director Peter Orszag is warning that a government portal used for competitive grants is at "significant risk of failure" due to system overload. Can cloud computing save the day?

The OMB has identified the site, where citizens can go to apply for more than a thousand grant programs, as being particularly vulnerable to a spike in traffic as people rush to file applications tied to the recently signed Recovery Act. According to a memo issued March 9 by Orszag, has experienced traffic over the past few months that "far exceeded" its anticipated workload, resulting in performance degradation. What's more, could be in for a 60% increase in application traffic in the months ahead.

At-Risk Government IT Systems Require Immediate Action - Plug Into The Cloud – InformationWeek


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